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I am Vile, the pervy Ringwraith-fancier. Pleased to meet you. :D I'm known as "loths" and "vilinathraxes" over at Livejournal.

Since this is the space where you're supposed to write something about yourself, I wrote something about myself:

I read a whole lot of fanfiction (mainly Wodehouse, LotR and HP), though I don't write anything worth reading (yet). I keep meaning to try, but since one of my key personality traits is Laziness with a capital L, well you know...

I don't draw nearly as much as I want to (or should), but when I draw, I tend to do spaced-out stuff like baby Ringwraiths or nekkid demons. I don't get paid for it, but if you see something in this journal that you like, don't nick it, mmkay?

I worship Andrew Eldritch and Trent Reznor (no, not only for being egocentrical pricks; I actually like their music) - and of course that makes me one of those people who wear a lot of black. Unlike others of a similar persuasion, I refuse to take myself seriously.

I am very open-minded (I believe you could drive a lorry through my head), but I do not appreciate misogynists, racists, or indeed any kind of bigotry or overly-righteous religious talk. You will find me remarkably humourless on these points.

I am Pagan, but in a rather down-to-earth, secularised way. I am not Wiccan. There is a difference.

I stubbornly refuse to act my age. Interpret this as you wish. :D

I won't post much, I'm afraid - I only have this account to follow the writings of fanfiction authors migrated here from Livejournal, really, so there won't be much actual journalling here from me, at least not at the moment.

On adding:

If I add you, it's because I like your writing, your art, or simply think you're an interesting person.

If you would like to add me, just go ahead, there's no need to ask (though comments are always welcome). Chances are I'll add you back, though I make no guarantees.
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